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Max Muscle completes the circle of care at Maximum Rehab and The Vertigo Centre. This integral part of our program is designed to “follow the patient home” to assure that the gains made during formal therapy continue. As a solution to maximizing fitness and function in the home and community, Max Muscle specializes in ‘house-calls’ and provides a one-on-one experience with the patient in their true living environment.


Upon discharge from rehab, an individualized home exercise program is prescribed by the Physical Therapist. This often includes stretching and strengthening exercises as well as a walking program. It is tailored to the patient’s specific lifestyle and activity level. Sometimes compliance with this exercise program is not always easy for patient and they require some additional support and motivation. To help with this transition, Max Muscle will assign a certified personal trainer to supervise and assist patients in self-management of their wellness and exercise routine, making it part of their daily routine and healthy lifestyle. Patients are provided with an exercise log to track their progress and adherence to the plan. An added benefit of this program is the ongoing communication between the trainer and therapist regarding the patient’s medical and physical condition.

At The Vertigo Centre, Physical Therapists strive to restore, maintain, and promote optimal movement and balance. Our number one goal is for patients to achieve a better quality of life while keeping them strong and independent. Promoting physical wellness and educating patients even after rehab is imperative for ongoing success.

Maximum Rehab and The Vertigo Centre have become one of the most sought after physical therapy facilities in the Delaware Valley area by putting the patient first and building trust in our therapists to plan and provide care that helps people achieve their personal best.

“We strive to provide the people of our community with comprehensive care that supports every aspect of their rehabilitation." – Dr. Maureen O'Leary

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"They call me Hank. I am a retired, 79-year-old insurance manager. Like many people my age, I’ve had my share of joint, vertigo and balance problems. My lucky day came when I met Dr. Maureen O’Leary, PT DPT and Allison Savage, a certified personal trainer. After completing my therapy with Dr. O’Leary in her facility, she referred me to Allison to continue my exercises at my home. Each session was executed with professionalism, sincere personal interest and unbelievable compassion.

The care I received at Maximum Rehab has helped me reclaim my life. I am stronger and my balance has improved so much. I am enjoying life, still playing golf and doing all the things I love to do.

It is without hesitation, that I recommend these professionals to anyone in need of therapy."

Henry Whalen, CLU


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