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Maximum Rehab Physical Therapy Center is a physical therapist-owned private practice providing health care services directed at healing and restoring function, decreasing pain and maximizing quality of life. Individuals who suffer with pain disorders, muscle or joint injuries, weakness or any movement impairment will benefit from the therapeutic interventions offered at Maximum Rehab.

Maximum Rehab is big enough to offer the most up-to-date treatment techniques and state-of the-art equipment and small enough to maintain a personal and intimate atmosphere ensuring continuity of care with the same therapist.

Maximum Rehab is a professional medical facility geared toward helping the patient recover from a movement science perspective.  At Maximum Rehab, you, the health care consumer will benefit from THE BEST CARE.

What Can Maximum Rehab Do for You?
The therapists at Maximum Rehab look at your problem from a movement science perspective. We not only treat the symptoms you are experiencing such as pain, weakness or loss of mobility, but also the cause of the problem.

The benefits of physical therapy at Maximum Rehab are numerous.They include:

  • decreasing pain
  • increasing and maintaining strength and endurance
  • restoring and increasing joint motion
  • increasing coordination
  • decreasing muscle spasm and spasticity
  • decreasing swelling and inflammation of joints
  • promoting healing of soft tissue lesions
  • improving walking and balance
  • increasing confidence and quality of living, and much more.

We evaluate and treat a multitude of conditions related to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, and movement impairment and function such as:

  • low back or neck pain
  • pre- and post-surgical conditions including joint replacement, rotator cuff tears/repairs, etc.
  • arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis
  • general deconditioning and weakness
  • frequent falling
  • sprains and strains
  • work-related injuries
  • motor vehicle accident injuries
  • personal injury such as falling, and much more.

Direct Access
Maximum Rehab is a direct access private practice. In Pennsylvania, under direct access, a patient can go directly to a physical therapist without a physician's referral. What this means for the health care consumer is faster recovery by starting treatment immediately.

Maximum Rehab advocates a multidisciplinary team approach to wellness and works to communicate with other practitioners involved your health care to ensure optimal results. When necessary, a referral will be made to the appropriate professional affiliate.

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"I am writing to express my appreciation for the experience I have had at Maximum Rehab Physical Therapy Center. Any new medical experience brings with it anxiety, but I felt welcome from the day I walked in the door. I can't emphasize too much how the friendly therapy staff further eased my concerns. I have now been participating for almost two years and have the greatest confidence in routines I have been taught and the monitoring I'm receiving. My continued participation has allowed me to avoid surgery and taught me the value of physical therapy. What I thought was going to be nothing more than a painful process to get behind me as quickly as possible has become a major influence on my overall well-being thanks to the staff and resources at Maximum Rehab Physical Therapy Center."

Ed Miller, Glenolden, PA


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